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Bram Sci

Astronomy/Space Science News Analysis

Astronomy/Space Science News Analysis
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This is a community for me, Bram Boroson (thus "bramsci") to post reviews and analysis of advances in astronomy and space science. If you're interested, I can also let you post here, and if other people post a lot we can change the name.

(Associated web site: BramSci.com. Maybe we can also start a wiki summarizing the posts here.)

The goal is to provide more context and depth than most press releases and yet to be more meaningful to a general audience than academic papers.

Entries will generally not aim at encyclopedic completeness but to communicate the sense of wonder and awe of discoveries at the frontiers of science (in the Carl Sagan style perhaps); inspiring images and artwork are encouraged.

Entries should synthesize several information sources, which should all be linked. Tables summarizing and comparing information are also encouraged: for example, comparing known populations of galactic white dwarfs and neutron stars and their frequencies in binary systems, or the costs of different space missions, their longevity, and the numbers of published papers that result.

Some information sources should be checked daily--I'll post a list here and people can add to the list.